Research projects:

Thesaurus of Maximus the Confessor’s Theology, 2020 (team leader: Prof. Ivan Christov)

Image and Holy Icon in the Palamite Debates, 2017 (team leader: Prof. Ivan Christov)

Translations of Greek Patristic Literature in the First Bulgarian Kingdom, 2016 (team leader: Assoc. Prof. Svetoslav Ribolov)

Thesaurus of John of Damascus’ Theology, 2015 (team leader: Prof. Ivan Christov)

Dogmatic Confessions and Sacraments of the Byzantine Church, 2014 (team leader: Prof. Ivan Christov)

Doctoral projects:

Christian Reception of Aristotle’s Ethics in the Works of Eustratius, the Metropolitan of Nicaea
by Anastasia Delcheva (research adviser: Prof. Ivan Christov)

Kinēsis and energeia in the Debate of John Philoponus against Proclus on the Eternity of the World
by Rossen Roussev (research adviser: Prof. Ivan Christov)

Both doctoral projects are related to the publishing project Aristotle, Selected Works in 6 vols., Zahary Stoyanov Publishers (a bilingual Greek and Bulgarian edition with commentaries and indexes under the editorship of Ivan Christov), in which the doctoral students are involved.

Image and Symbol in the Representation of Angelic Ranks according to Dionysius Areopagite
by Ljuba Stefanova (research adviser: Prof. Ivan Christov)

The Philosophical Chapters of the Fount of Knowledge in St. John Damascene’s Theology
by Atanas Atanasov (research adviser: Prof. Ivan Christov)

Theognōsia and Theōsis according to St. Patriarch Photius
by archimandrite Atanasij (Sultanov)

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